Short presentation SIGMA

Short presentation SIGMA

SIGMA Strategy Consultants specializes in Strategic Development, Progress and Evolution of Business Entities, but also of the people who work with them internally and externally.

Being always next to the client, we are implementing business projects, from the Tax Plan to the Development Strategy in new markets. In areas such as tax coaching, the organizational structure of an organization, the promotion of the company itself or its products - services, identity and consequently its culture, are projects that we create, monitor but mainly support their implementation.

In storage places and warehouses, information management and data processing systems, we develop existing structures to optimize results in economic and business context in general.

With high standards of scientific training, specialization in work objects, well-coordinated project teams, respecting primarily the relationship with the partner, we support business reorganizations, startup efforts and commercial extensions at the franchise level

SIGMA Strategy Consultants

SIGMA is next to the companies that envision to optimize their units in productive, competitive markets and maximize the value of the services provided as well as the people who frame them. Organizations that want to play a role in local and wider social structures

Our company is based in Ioannina and operates in a wide range of services. The market and services of SIGMA are applied in all business sectors and geographical areas of Greece, as well as in foreign countries. We collaborate with individuals, very small, small, medium and large corporations.


Continuous development and improvement of our services and procedures!

1996 Accounting Office
2003 Audit SA - Accounting Services
2010 Audit SA - Business Consultants
2014 Audit Business Consultants
2016 SIGMA Strategy Consultants

1996: Accounting Office

2003: Audit SA - Accounting Services

2010: Audit SA - Business Consultants

2014: Audit Business Consultants

2016: SIGMA Strategy Consultants


Our name shows the methodology and the axes of our services! Download the file and read our entire Corporate profile.

  • Strategy
  • Investment
  • Geo-economic
  • Management
  • Audit

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