Project Management

Project Management

The Project is an effort to create a unique product or service. This effort has a definite beginning and end and the result of the project is always different.

The main features of a project are:

  • It consists of non-repetitive activities.
  • Design is required to achieve the final result.
  • The end result is unique.
  • The execution of the project requires the existence of a team.
  • It has a start and an end.
  • It is subject to restrictions of various kinds (time, quality costs, etc.).
  • Available resources are limited.

The key factors that mark a project, both as an effort and as a product or service produced, are the economic, temporal and qualitative factor.

The project is a means of implementing the strategy of a company and this means that the strategy and objectives of the project should be included in the strategy and its objectives.

Project management

The Project Management Service includes the integration of the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques required when performing the activities of a project, in order to meet its objectives, as long as it goes through its life cycle.

The Project Management phases are as follows:

  • Definition of the project
  • Design of the project process
  • Project delivery
  • Development of the process

Sigma's Consulting Team has the potential to contribute substantially to all of the above procedures.


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