Human resource Management

Human resource Management

The use of the term "Human Resources" demonstrates the importance of employees as a source of wealth and competitive advantage within businesses. It emphasizes that the people who work in a company are an important factor for it, whose development and utilization is an essential aspect of the company's development.

Since human resources cover a large part of a company's operating costs, the success or failure of the company's policies regarding its human resources is inextricably linked to the course of the business.

The role of the Human Resources Department in today's labor market must follow the trends, flexibility and conditions prevailing in the business market.

ΤThe HR (Human Resources) department should provide solutions to questions such as:

  • Do employees work in the most efficient way?
  • Has the right person been hired for the right job?
  • Does the company apply good practices in accordance with safe work laws?
  • Is fair practice applied?

Because no employer would want ...

  • To deal with frequent staff changes
  • Employees that are not doing their best
  • To see his business taken to court because he has practiced discrimination practices or incomplete assessment evidence
  • The lack of training that undermines the effectiveness of the business

Human resources

... for this very reason there is the human resources management department of our Company, which deals with the practices and policies related to personnel issues and which cover a wide range of psycho-economic actions and reactions.

We provide tactics and practices aimed at attracting, recruiting, motivating, training, evaluating and determining reward policy to create a safe, ethical and fair environment for the employees of a company.

These actions include:

  • Determining the nature of each employee's work
  • Designing workforce needs and attracting suitable candidates
  • The choice of employees
  • Providing directions and training
  • Evaluating employee performance
  • Remuneration management
  • Providing incentives
  • Interviews, consulting services, consolidation of business discipline
  • The development of leading executives and teams
  • The formation and implementation of Administrative changes
  • Corporate Culture Management
  • The Strategic alignment of the business.

They also include data that a business needs to know and use, such as:

  • Equal opportunities, employee ethics and positive action
  • Health and safety
  • Complaints and employment relationships.

The role of the HR department of our Company is to make both the entrepreneur and the employee feel that they have a support next to them, as well as a Strategic Partner.

A Partner who with his actions will support the business plan of the organization, its purpose and development, through the formation of a good working environment, treating the human resources of the company as an investment and not as a cost aimed at personal and operational self-realization.


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