Sales & Marketing Management

Sales & Marketing Management

The fierce competition and business conditions of our time have pushed businesses to focus on one of their most important assets, which is maintaining and developing market share. The development of this type of strategy is based on two main axes which are Sales management & consulting and Marketing

Sales Management & Consulting

The main "concern" for the successful course of any business is the process of communicating with potential partners, changing them into active partners and maintaining a long-term relationship of trust with them.

The purpose of the service is the organization / reorganization, control, evaluation and strategic development planning of a Sales Department of a company. Sigma's Advisory Group, participating in the creation and implementation of strategic plans, aims to implement a selling solution, with the direct result of differentiating a company from the competition, strengthening its market position, developing the department and finally its economy.


Marketing is also an important factor in the development of Sales. An essential function for any business through which it can gain recognition and increase its sales in the markets in which it operates or in other markets. It also contributes significantly to the value of the business itself.

The service offered includes the development and support of marketing strategies and plans which derive from the values of a company, from its staff, from its products and services, from its vision. It contributes significantly to the connection with its partners, to the understanding of their needs and desires, to the development of a strong brand and to the creation of conditions for long-term development.

The contribution of Sigma Consultants concerns both the recording and support of the application and implementation of all of the above


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