The SIGMA team

The SIGMA team

SIGMA Strategy Consultants invests in the development of its human resources. It has executives who are distinguished for their high level of experience, knowledge and specialization, excellent academic background and professionalism.

At the same time, the company promotes values that create a significant competitive advantage, such as teamwork, creativity and commitment to results.

Our human resources share the vision of the company and support the achievement of its goals, in an environment of mutual trust, respect and increased social responsibility.

You can buy a person's time. You can also buy the physical presence of a person in a specific place and for a specific time. You can even buy a minimum number of muscle and mental work of that person at the specific time and place. You can buy these.

But what you can't buy and what you need, as owners, managers, bosses of an organization, to achieve high performance is fun, passion, enthusiasm, dedication, initiative, maximum effort, people's passion your. These are not purchased. These are won.

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