Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management

Quality is the amount of the properties and characteristics of a product or service that contribute to its ability to meet expressed or implied needs.

In order for a company to be and remain competitive, it must be able to offer "quality" products and services. Regardless of the field of activity of a company, there are some general factors that determine what is a quality product or service.

These include:

  • Is the product or service suitable for the purpose it serves?
  • Does it meet all the pre-determined specifications set by the company and its customers?
  • Is it worth the money?
  • Does the result satisfy the customer?

Sigma's team of consultants, recognizing the importance of Quality and having the know-how and experience required, can help guide a business that wants to implement a documented Quality Management System.


For the implementation of the System, an initial assessment of the current situation of the company and evaluation of its needs according to its vision and activities is carried out.

Then, following predetermined methods, the appropriate presumptions are designed, the flows of the processes are captured and their evaluation measures are determined.

All the above actions also create the appropriate conditions that are necessary to lead a company to obtain the relevant certificates from reputable bodies.

Sigma's Consulting Team supports the smooth integration of actions into the operation of the business and their implementation. It guides and trains human resources throughout the process with the ultimate goal of raising awareness and creating a quality philosophy.


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